Small Dances is a performance project by Laura Holway that will be presented February 13-March 9 in living rooms and gallery spaces throughout the Twin Cities. The project is an exploration of connection, aiming to build community in the Minnesota wintertime. It is made possible through funds from a Next Step grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council.

Performers & Collaborators--

Charles Campbell (performer): Charles Campbell co-founded Skewed Visions in 1996 and has been making original performances since 1999. See skewedvisions.org for more info.

Lazer Goese (performer): Lazer is interested in queerness and failure. Their dance career has involved blindfolds, nudity, and generous choreographers. Lazer has spent a lot more time on the dance floor than in ballet class and does not regret this fact. Lazer is honored to be living in this city amongst tenacious artists of all stripes.


Erika Hansen (performer):
Erika Hansen lives to dance and perform.  She returned to Minneapolis in the summer of 2011 after living and dancing in NYC for over nine years.  This past year Erika performed in works by Angharad Davies, Leslie O'Neill and Johan Amselem. 


Tom Lloyd (performer):
Tom Lloyd follows his heart to the best of his abilities in all arenas of life. Almost magically this has led him to a deep love of being involved in all types of performance making and doing. It got him to perform and direct as a teenager, led him to get a degree in Theatre Arts at the U of M (2009), turned him into a teacher for a few years, and has most recently got him dancing so much that people now call him a dancer even though he still might not believe it. The list of people and places he's grateful for is too long to mention here, but for the purposes of this special shout outs go to HIJACK, Bedlam Theatre, Samantha Johns & George McConnell, Thomas Edison High School, Laura Holway and the best parents a boy like Tom Lloyd could ever have.

Zoe Michael (stage manager): Zoe Michael is a recent graduate of Macalester College where she majored in Theater Directing. She works as a director, actor, stage-manager, puppeteer, performance critic and accidental dancer in and around the beautiful Twin Cities. Her recent projects have included directing Freakshow by Carson Kreitzer and Springtime by Maria Irene Fornes (both through Macalester) and Stage Managing  The Blueprint Project  for Candý Simmons and her other current project include directing for 20% Theater's Naked I: Insides Out. If you get up early you can also find her baking delicious nibblets at Anodyne Coffee House.

Laura Holway (creator/producer): Laura Holway has lived in the Twin Cities for eight years, and is especially grateful for those who have mentored her in that time. In particular: John Munger, Steve Busa, Deborah Jinza Thayer, and Maggie Smith (not the dame). She has collaborated with dozens of enthusiastic artists who have fostered and encouraged her experiments, and probably in some way contributed to what you see today. In recent years, Laura's work has been produced by the Red Eye Theater (I Like You), and frequently made in collaboration with video maker Ben McGinley (Tuesday for Dances Made To Order), and theater artist Candy Simmons of SunsetGun Productions (The Blueprint Project), and leads to a lot of writing, some of which can be read here and here. By day Laura manages the projects of other creative folks as part of McGinley Motion. She is so grateful for all of you for supporting this idea, and to MRAC for making it possible.

Thanks especially to my mentors: John Mungar, Steve Busa, and Deborah Jinza Thayer. 

Thanks to MRAC for making this possible, to Emily Gastineau, Ashley Rose Montondo, April Sellers, Peter Hogan, Lindsay Marcy, Maggie Smith, Drew Hammond, and Laurie Van Wieren for helping in the development of this piece, to Candy Simmons, Skewed Visions, and Live Action Set for sharing studio space with us, to Charles Campbell for sharing his interview, and to Ben McGinley for photos, video, and sound editing. 

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