Performance text

All of the text in the piece was collected using a series of questions, shared below. Roughly 30 people have responded so far, and we'll continue adding to the text. You can read all of the posts that share the collected text here.

1) What is your wintertime survival plan?

2) Have you resolved to do something in particular this year?

3) What’s difficult about being human?

4) Are you like your parents and/or siblings? If so, how?

5) What’s something that has brought you an unusual or surprising amount of joy?

6) Who do you admire? Why?

7) What is something that makes you uncomfortable and/or scared

8) What is of great comfort to you? OR-- what’s a book you read over and over (or a song or album you listen to over and over)?

9) What’s something you failed at?

10) What’s something you’re proud of?

11) What's most surprising about your life so far?

12) What's on your mind?

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