Thursday, February 20, 2014

We Need A Party For The Winter

My collaborator Erika keeps insisting that I picked a great winter for this project. In the Twin Cities we've had an impressive number of snow emergencies, and an equally impressive number of school days missed due to sub-zero temperatures. At our shows last week, I overheard lots of discussion of general winter fatigue. It's partially the Seasonal Affective Disorder, but also that it's harder to drive and walk around. And winter has a way of bringing lots of difficult emotional crap to the surface-- the stuff that's easier to forget about when we're riding bikes around the lake in the sunshine.

Lazer, Tom & Erika rehearse for our show in Whittier

We need a party for the winter

That's a lot of what I'm interested in with this project. I wanted an excuse to get people in a room together, to drink wine and eat cookies and share stories about how the winter months are treating us. We had such fantastic shows last week! We were at an apartment building in Whittier with an impressive spread of food, and then at a home in the Merriam Park neighborhood of St. Paul, where the piece was performed next to a real fire, and we ate chili with the audience afterwards. Then on Sunday we performed a private show for a cookbook author and a poet, and their fourteen guests. We all ate soup and bread together, and had lots of post-show discussion. On Monday we had an indoor picnic on some astroturf at the Ivy Building! So, basically lots of lovely people, amazing food, and community building. 

Astroturf for our potluck picnic at The Hive in the Ivy Building

I like performance that feels like a party, and I think this show does. We've been lucky to have been joined by wonderful, warm audiences, and to have performed in some gorgeous spaces. And we get to share 5 more public shows! We'd love to see you at one of them:

Sunday, February 23-- at my just-moved-out-of home in the Cathedral Hill neighborhood of St. Paul                                      
Tuesday, February 25-- at Omega House in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis

Wednesday, February 26-- at another great home space in Whittier

Saturday, March 1-- at a home in the Central neighborhood of South Minneapolis

Sunday, March 9-- at Skewed Visions in the Casket Arts Building of northeast Minneapolis

You can read more about the show on the City Pages blog, and more about the performers (such great ones!) over here

I wish you a very happy & warm February!


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