Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Performance Reservations!

Performances begin two weeks from Thursday! RSVP's for the show opened up yesterday.

Performances are as follows:

Thursday, February 13               House show, Whittier, Minneapolis.

Saturday, February 15                House show, Merriam Park, St. Paul. 

Monday, February 17                 The Hive, Ivy Building for the Arts, Seward, Minneapolis.
                                                       with Karen Townsend and her accordion

Sunday, February 23                   House show, Cathedral Hill, St. Paul.

Tuesday, February 25                Omega House, Whittier, Minneapolis. *

Wednesday, February 26          House show, Whittier, Minneapolis. *

Saturday, March 1                         House show, South Minneapolis. *

Monday, March 3                           House show, Powderhorn, Minneapolis. ** (PRIVATE)
                                                         with Karen Townsend and her accordion

Sunday, March 9                             Skewed Visions, Casket Arts Building, NE Minneapolis.
                                                           with Karen Townsend and her accordion

*   House has a cat!
** House has a dog!

All shows, unless noted, are open to the public. Pick a performance and RSVP by emailing SmallArtMN@gmail.com. Seating is very limited! With your email RSVP, the exact location of each show will be emailed to you a day or two before the performance.

All shows are pay-as-able, with a suggested donation of $10-$20.

We're getting vary excited to share this performance with you!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Your Wintertime Survival Plan

Here are some of the responses we've heard when we asking people about their wintertime survival plan:

I'm going to smother myself in cabbage and beer. And Exercise.

Join the YWCA for the pool and hot tub. Buy a space heater. Stop being so hard on myself. 

Dance party catharsis. 
Wear unseasonally flamboyant clothing. 
Take multiple hot showers per day. 
Have multiple lovers. 
Accept that I will be less productive because so much energy is spent on just not freezing to death. 

Savory waffles, dreaming big, pet snuggling, coffee, and sex. 

Enjoy the sunshine, bake often, bundle up and walk, ice skate, take Vitamin D, hibernate under blankets on the couch, complain about the cold. 

Jiu Jitsu, basketball games on cable, reading books, watching movies, fucking with motorcycles.

Eat good food, cook good food, take in art of all kinds.  Exercise.  Love on my wife and pets.

Keep in touch with friends. Take a lot of vitamin D and exercise a ton.

Plan out opportunities to be with loving, supportive people- especially my family. 
Be careful about the books I read and movies I watch in the depths of winter because really dark and pessimistic media just gets to me. 

Vitamin D, but now they're saying vitamin supplements are ineffective at best, but my expensive little placebos are …fun?

Hibernate. Eat whatever I want, whenever I want it. Go to bed after dinner time. Sleep in in the morning. Spend time outside every day. Knit. 

Be outside often. Remember that the sun is still the sun. Read books. Write letters. Spend time preparing luscious meals. Create imaginary spaces. 

Warm beverages, whiskey, hot sex, dancing, social time, and my super puffy coat.

Walk the dog. Go to dance. MPR.

Play in the snow with my kids. Get full spectrum lightbulbs.  Make bread.

Enjoy that winter forces me to examine and feel things that I might forget about when I’m continually frolicking outside surrounded by green things.

Keep busy. Take lots of naps. Yoga. Coffee. Finish working on the basement. 

Walk my golden retriever every morning no matter how cold it is.

Stay warm! In other news, our performance dates have been posted! Shows start February 13.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Warmth. Questions. Show dates.

If you live in Minnesota, I don't have to tell you that it's cold-- really cold. I wish you a winter season of time-passing hobbies, because it might be a long one. It's a good winter to make and share living room dances! Our first performance (February 10) is a little over a month away, or you can catch a preview of the show in my own living room on January 21 (RSVP to SmallArtMN@gmail.com). I'll also be posting preview photos and clips on this blog over the next month. Look for a complete list of show dates and locations next week.

We are still crown-sourcing text for the piece, though I admit to failing miserably when it comes to posting weekly questions. Below is the full list of questions-- you can answer here (anonymously!), or email your responses to SmallArtMN[at]gmail[dot]com.

Stay warm!


1) What is your wintertime survival plan?

2) Have you resolved to do something in particular this year?

3) What’s difficult about being human?

4) Are you like your parents and/or siblings? If so, how?

5) What’s something that has brought you an unusual or surprising amount of joy?

6) Who do you admire? Why?

7) What is something that makes you uncomfortable and/or scared

8) What is of great comfort to you? OR-- what’s a book you read over and over (or a song or album you listen to over and over)?

9) What’s something you failed at?

10) What’s something you’re proud of?

11) What's most surprising about your life so far?

12) What's on your mind?