Monday, November 18, 2013

Project Progress + Question #1

We are heading into week 4 of rehearsal!

In the 3 weeks of rehearsal we've had (meeting 1-2 times a week), we've had lots of chats-- about cheez-its, halloween costumes, childhood pets, and surprises. We have learned some foundational movement phrases, which will be used in different ways. And, we've improvised a good amount. The 4 rehearsals we've had can be summed up with this poster:

Each week for the rest of the rehearsal process, I'll be posting a question that will be incorporated into the piece. You can answer it here (blogger lets you comment anonymously!), you can send me an email (LMholway-at-gmail-dot-com), or you can leave a response on facebook. By answering, you are agreeing that your response can be used in our piece (without your name, of course).

Question #1: 
What is most surprising about your life at this point? 

(What did you expect? What didn't you expect?)