Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Cast! A stage manager!

3 auditions, 1 callback, 3 interviews, and 33 people later...there is a cast!

I was overjoyed to play with so many talented folks, and could have made a fun and interesting piece with every single person. That said: I'm excited to have found 5 people that I think will be most excellent together-- 5 complimentary, but very different performers:

Charles Campbell

Lazer Goese 

Erika Hansen

Tom Lloyd

We are very lucky to be assisted by stage manager/organizer/collaborator Zoe Michael.

Tomorrow we get to dive into working. I look forward to sharing the process in this space!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Additional Audition Information

I wanted to add some additional information about the audition that I might have missed in the post below:

1) Wear whatever you like-- we won't be doing high kicks or anything like that. Bring shoes (tennis shoes are fine), since the floors of both Skewed Visions and The Soap Factory aren't great for bare feet. Bring your day planner. I'll need ALL availability/known out-of-town dates through the scope of the project before casting.

2) Plan on being at the audition for the whole time slot, although I'm guessing we'll be done a bit early. 

What will we do? We'll talk about the piece! You can see if it still sounds like something of interest to you. We'll do some group improv. I'll direct/teach a very simple movement phrase. We'll probably do some partner work. I might have you read something, as there will be speaking involved. You'll get a chance to see if you like my style/way of directing. This is really important! We'll talk honestly about scheduling and project demands.

3) If you're interested in the project, but can't make it to one of the audition dates, please email me. There is a possibility that a 3rd audition time might be scheduled, depending on need/interest. 

Thanks so much for your interest!